20 - 21 November, 2018 | Yarra Valley Lodge, Chirnside Park, Victoria, Australia

Michael Berndt

Chief Customer Experience Officer
eHealth Queensland

9:40 AM Chief Customer Officer Panel: Future-Proofing Your CX Function In The Age Of Digital Disruption

Digital transformation has changed the dynamics of traditional roles, skillsets and reporting structures across all facets of an organization. With the CX function being no stranger to this, this session will see leading Chief Customer Officers address how they are staying abreast this rapidly evolving landscape to continue innovating and driving value for customers and the business alike with agility. They will answer questions around:

  • What new skillsets and capabilities are we anticipating for the CX team?
  • How are we bringing agility to the CX team’s relationships with data, IT and marketing teams?
  • What new technologies are driving efficiencies for your CX operations?
  • How are we re-designing KPIs to drive positive customer outcomes and behaviours across the value chain?

12:10 PM eHealth Qld Case Study: Creating An AI-Powered Experience That Improves Customer Satisfaction And Drives Costs Efficiencies

The biggest challenge with large scale CX transformations is delivering projects that not only improve customer satisfaction but also drive positive impact on business bottom lines. At eHealth Queensland, Michael Berndt drives an end-to-end service transformation across people, process and technology underpinned by AI and automation saving $1 million+ in operational costs whilst improving employee and customer engagement. In this session, he shares his lessons around:

  • Re-defining service offerings and interactions through a journey map overhaul powered by the VOC
  • Improving agility and efficiency of customer experience management through AI-powered digital experiences
  • Bringing efficiency to service delivery by automating & streamlining back-office activities
  • Taking your organization through a cultural transformation driven by customer-first champions

Check out the incredible speaker line-up to see who will be joining Michael.

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